About Us


We are Klean Teem, a family owned cleaning service that takes much pride in our business. Kim and Rick Whitney are the parents to 4 great young adults, and the owners of Klean Teem. We strive for 100% client satisfaction. We are former business owners of a Masonry Construction company in NY.


We started University Moving and Storage in Summer 2014. We expanded from just being a cleaning service to also offering Moving and Storage when we discovered that all students must move out between semesters! We also saw many out-of-state parents were in need of a service they can turn to for help with their students.
With my husband’s background in construction and his love for cars, we have found ourselves doing more than just cleaning for the students! We have went out late at night for students that have had a vehicle issue, we have done repairs in their apartments, we have stood in for a parent and disputed housing for the condition of an apartment and much more. We live locally and we have developed great relationships with both students and families here at UCF.
We are always looking for ways to grow our business while helping our UCF families. As a mother, I could not image my child being out of state and not having family around when they need help.
As we continue to grow we welcome all suggestions for any way we can help make your life easier and give you peace of mind while your young adults are away at school.Our goal is to earn not only your business, but your trust. I know that our children’s safety is our #1 priority.