Services and Pricing


Our end of the semester moving and storage includes pickup, storage, and delivery back to campus.

  • Students pack and label their boxes/items
  • We pick up their items from their room
  • We store items in climate control units (we do not accept food)
  • We deliver back on move-in day!

We shrink wrap items such as TVs,mini fridge, 3 drawer bins,microwave, etc. We accept boxes up to 18x18x20, plastic storage totes up to 14hx18wx23L, luggage, and even plastic bags. We do not supply packaging material except for shrink wrap. We are aware of UCF move in and move out dates and we accommodate all students on those dates. We schedule in 2-3 hour time frames, and contact the students 30 minutes prior to arrival.

Refrigerator, microwave,bags, TV, boxes, count as 1 item each.

We also offer moving assistance without storage from the parking lot to the rooms, for those families not needing storage.


Number of Items Transportation Fee 1 Short-Term Storage 2 Long-Term Storage 3 Stair Fee 4
1-5 $245 $35 $45 $20
6-10 $270 $45 $55 $35
11-15 $300 $55 $65 $45
16-20 $339 $65 $75 $55
21+ Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
  1. Transportation Fee includes pickup and delivery
  2. Short-Term Storage is 14 days or less
  3. Long-Term Storage is 15 days or greater, charged in 31-day increments.
  4. Stair Fee is charged if there are no elevators available at the time of your pickup or delivery. If elevators are available at pickup and delivery, you will not be charged. If elevators are available at only one, you will be charged once, if elevators are not available at pickup or delivery, you will be charged twice.

We require 10% down to reserve your spot, 50% at pickup, and the remaining balance at delivery.

We accept Check and Google Wallet for deposit, and Check Google Wallet, and Cash for pickup/delivery fees.